Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

Electronic component are one of the most searched contents after consumer goods. The upward development of the electronic component industry is the result of the change in the lifestyle of people. There is hardly any house in Europe or even some countries of Asia which doesn’t have a TV. Now don’t get stuck with the word ‘ANY’ in the last line; I just generalized the issue.

Global marketing has led to the fast paced technological development in the industry. The global village as it’s is called, has enabled the design engineers to procure electronic components from the leading manufacturers from the different parts of the world. electronic shops electronics

Now it seems almost stupid to think that the whole device or appliance would have been manufactured by a single manufacturer. Just take the case of an audio player. You can’t be so sure that the head, the capacitors, various sound encoding components or even the speakers would have been manufactured by the same parent company.

The market trend is that the design engineering would search online for electronic components. This gives them the chance to evaluate and analyze the components from different perspectives. Another thing that draws design engineers to online component search engines is within few minutes they can check out a wide range and types of products. One such website i surfed was; this online component search engine provides users with the blend of various features such as searching, evaluating, buying and the latest one is ordering of free or paid electronic component samples.

But there are few points that should be kept in mind before you jump out for a electronic component search. My personal experience is there are many sites which offer this facility but aren’t prepared with sufficient database. Don’t believe me? OK just try to find out some information on this very common electronic component- GaAs MMICs. You can use any search engine. When I did the same it took me two days to firstly figure out exactly what it was! At last it was that same website called ,which i mentioned earlier, where i could finally figure out what this exactly was.



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