Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Nothing enhances a backyard, patio, or deck like an outdoor kitchen. Offering casual entertaining in a gorgeous setting makes custom outdoor kitchens a popular trend in outdoor design.

Before building an outdoor kitchen, think first about how you plan to use the kitchen. How will you use the space? Do you need an entertaining space or just an open place to grill food? Do you plan to cook for several people or only yourself? Do you need appliances, other than a grill, to meet your cooking needs? Building an outdoor kitchen requires precise design and consulting a custom home architect or interior designer is recommended before any construction begins. By offering innovative design expertise and knowledge about outdoor products and materials, an architect can help you maximize available space and design your kitchen with your specific wants and needs in mind.

Once you have decided how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen, it is important to familiarize yourself with the trends and products available. For those looking to create an entire outdoor entertaining space there are several factors to bear in mind:

    • Positioning. Think about the position of an outdoor kitchen in relation to the kitchen inside your home. Depending on the outdoor appliances you choose, you might still need to make frequent trips indoors. Since carrying heavy items for a long distance is not ideal, it is best to minimize the distance between the outdoor and the indoor kitchen.


    • Seating. Comfortable outdoor furniture, such as sofas, chairs, dining tables, and bar stools, is an important consideration for any outdoor gathering space. Think about how many guests you generally entertain at once to determine how large the seating area should be and plan the amount of outdoor furniture accordingly. Keeping the seating area in proxim ity to the outdoor kitchen keeps both guests and the chef in the conversation. myrtle beach hardscaping


  • Overhead Structure. Whether to provide shade or to protect against the elements, think about incorporating an overhead structure, such as pergola or solid roof, into the design of your outdoor kitchen. Overhead structures also give a place to install ceiling fans or lighting, allowing more creature comforts and longer entertaining times. Aesthetically, building an overhead structure helps define the outdoor gathering space, giving a sense of privacy.

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