Sat. Sep 24th, 2022


Brand: Oppo. One of the rising stars in Indian mobiles market, Oppo has many good features compared to its competitors. It has a unique dual camera module in its family of phones. The company is offering various models of this unique handset at competitive prices and that too with heavy discounts.

Product features & Specs:The Oppo A15 has two cameras a standard one and a special lens with f/2.0 aperture. In terms of camera performance, it is the best amongst the Oppo A series of handsets. It has an astounding resolution of 4015 pixels for the main camera and another pixel of approximately one hundred and twenty for the lens. The camera has a very large pixel of around seven megapixels. The product has been equipped with OIS or Optic stabilization. It also has a secondary auto focus that allows the user to focus on a particular subject even if there is no other camera around.

Operating System: Android operating system is installed in the Oppo A15 smartphone. There is a lot of storage capacity available in the device but the only drawback is that the size of the memory is not that large. Some of the other features like connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi and other features have been introduced in the Oppo A series so that they can provide real time communication with the user. Other advanced facilities like Bluetooth and USB have also been integrated in the Oppo A series. The MT6765 modem that is used for this wireless communication runs on Aqstic band.

Video & Photo Office: The Oppo A15 features an excellent video recording and image editing facilities with the facility of live view and easy editing of the videos. The person can shoot the video with a normal film camera and then edit the same by clicking on the screen of the smartphone. The preview of the video can be taken by tapping on the screen and the result can be seen within a matter of few minutes. It also has an intuitive interface which allows easy use. The high-end video editing and photo office facilities of the Oppo A series allow the users to transfer the files to their computers for further editing procedures.

Storage: The internal memory of the Oppo A series is much less than that of the counterparts of this device. It offers around 5GB of memory which is sufficient for running a large variety of programmes. The user can also download various ring tones, screen savers and themes from various online stores at the click of a button to make the life of the consumer a lot easier.

This is a new smartphone in the market and the Oppo A15 has already attracted considerable attention due to its attractive price, the advanced image processing technologies, the high-end video recording facilities and the vast array of features. However, it is expected to face stiff competition coming from the likes of Nokia, HTC and Samsung in the coming months and weeks. It is expected to be the bestselling smartphone in the world within the next three months of its launch. The Oppo A series is predicted to be sold like hot cakes during the coming holiday season. It is scheduled to launch across various regions starting from Indonesia where it will be marketed exclusively by Philips and followed by the rest of Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and India.

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